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Numier is a touchscreen software that’s designed to work in different sales counters of the hospitality industry. The software can be used from a web browser and thus, with any device.

This comprehensive app is specially designed for Points of Sale terminals (POS) but since it works in the cloud, you can control your business right from your smartphone.

Numier is quite simple to use, you just have to set it for the type of business (bar, coffee shop, night club or restaurant), register your establishment’s information (which is kept safe thanks to an SSL certificate that encrypts the information) and start serving your customers.

The program lets you manage the sales, expenses, and the warehouse in order to look the numbers, schedules, statistics and even the profit graphs at any moment by simply connecting to Numier.

You can also add the expenses (purchases, rent, and invoices) as well as the new products that your restaurant or coffee shop offers. This way, you can keep track of all the items you have in stock.

Another great feature of Numier is that every time an employee closes out the register, you’ll get an email with a document that gives you a complete report of the day’s activities.

Visual improvements
Selection of printer width configuration
Separation line
Separate ticket order and command
Command resend
Command resend from PDAS
Move lines to other tables
Selection of printer tickets for PDAS
Option to type in the table before the products
Register withdraw
Send invoices by email
Alternative text for simplified invoices
Alternative text for simplified invoices on closed days
Notes and observations when closing the register
Connection with CashDro
Add an ‘open register’ button in advanced expenses
Print an expenditure ticket for advanced expenses
Corrections of grouped products with weight selection
List of parked accounts organized by operator and date
Shows the layout and the order number when it’s written on the layout
Specifies the weight in commands
Account payment of closed days
Colors orange, gray, and black are added to products and subproducts
Menu titles by commands
Suppliers with creditor brands so they don’t show up on the expenses
Order code
Voiding ticket for the copy printers
Line voiding
Account division by number of documents
Shows pending receipts


Trial version is totally functional for 30 days.

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